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The Story

Sharing our passion for finely-crafted furniture

Sometimes at the beginning of 1900, a great grandfather started his wood workshop in a small shed, in a tiny town deep in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. This is how our story begins.

His son would later pick up on the same trade and now, his choice is to build himself a suitable shop for both woodworking and stone-masonry. The grandfather is a hardworking man and his hands have built upon some of the most respected spiritual landmarks in eastern Romania,

….but his son would not have it, not in the beginning at least.

The father starts of on a musical career mastering the electronic keyboard, but eventually after many years starts working side by side with his father. Together they build a well established practice that is growing till this day.

We are the future generation of makers and designers inspired by them. Building on their legacy and wishing to bring the story to the world. Our playground is our in-house production facility. This is where we control the design process from sketch to prototype and final product because we stick to tradition.

Our work is our way of life, that is why we are Eterra Atelier.